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At it's deepest core, Bellows To Mend  blazes with a strikingly neoteric and modern take on the blues. Set aflame by the punk delta guitar of Ryan Flaherty and juke joint foot stomping of Erika Stahl's percussion, they exhibit parallels to The White Stripes, Social Distortion and The Velvet Underground. Their haven is the raw and rusty distortions of tube amps, back porch whiskey songs and brimstone singalongs. Staples like "Along The Sun And The Rain" by Woody Guthrie, a relevant and fitting tribute, is a solid yet simple message of "we're all in this together", we're all "a hard traveling". This grungy blues, rock infused folk is a fresh blast of an unconventional energy much forgotten in todays music. This album tells a story, each song tying into the other, yet owning their own individual tale within. The albums ending track, "Wreck of The Hesperus" is about a ship wreck that happened off the coast of Gloucester, MA. on the rocks of Norman's Woe. The dark instrumental is based on a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and is obscurely connected to Mighty Mouse.  Another song, "The River" is a murder/love ballad disguised in the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. The albums title track, "Bellows To Mend" was a term used by pugilist when they were winded and out of breath during a fight. This is a relevant title in that todays world, we all have Bellows To Mend.

Earlier Event: February 20
Later Event: February 22